Demi Moore

Demi Moore Got Dumped By A 26 Year Old Dude
Demi Moore seems to just keep setting herself up for disaster!  Don't get me wrong, she's 50 and still incredibly hot!  She's a GILF!  But those who forget the past, are doomed to repeat it.  By that, I mean, Demi needs to start dating guys that are a little more m…
Demi Moore Hospitalized *Update
The latest reports on why Demi Moore was hospitalized, and checking into a treatment center, are starting to surface.  It's still not really clear as to what exactly happened that led to her hospitalization, but more information is coming through.
10 Jokes About Ashton Kutcher Cheating on Demi Moore
Rumors continue to swirl that Ashton Kutcher’s marriage to Demi Moore is in trouble amidst tabloid reports he cheated on her. It’s a saga that is keeping the tabloids busy and taking the focus off other important issues in Hollywood, like when will Jennifer Aniston ge…

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