Wow, what a day. Saturday at Help 4 The Holidays here in Amarillo was one for the books. Before 8 am even hit, we had that first donation of the day.

After that, it just didn't stop. Every 10 minutes it seemed there was another car pulling up full of items from the list. We had help here today for sorting, and they couldn't even keep up.

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So here we are, day 7, the final day of Help 4 The Holidays. One last time we'll be here for 12 hours collecting those items that so many in Amarillo need.

From 7 am to 7 pm, we're out at Mayco Center. Our exact address is 3424 S. Western St, and it's officially crunch time. The full list of stuff we need is on the app.

Each day we've been targeting certain items from the list to help build up those things we're a bit behind on, and today is no different.

Big targets today are going to be over the counter medication, shoes, graphic tees, and bedding sets. We have found ourselves crazy low on those items, and we need to build them up quickly.

When it comes to over the counter meds, it's things like ibuprofen, Tylenol, aspirin, Pepto Bismol, and Tums that we need.

Other items would include band aids and nail polish kits.

Bedding sets we need include full and twin size, and we could really use some NEW pillows to go with those bed sets.

We could also use some specific arts and crafts item, and those include construction paper, colored card stock, glue sticks, scissors, foam sheets, and bottled glue.

We hope to see you out here today as we hit the homestretch of Help 4 The Holidays.

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