As we enter into the homestretch of Help 4 The Holidays, I want to say thank you. We've dealt with some challenges along the way this year, weather being the paramount challenge for a couple of days.

We also understand that just like the people we're trying to help this holiday season, times have been a little tighter for you and all of us. Rising costs have affected everyone.

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Many of you have already come out and dropped some stuff off, and the room has definitely grown. I know time constraints certainly play a part in things during the week, but we've now reached the weekend, and a lot of you are about to be running around doing things.

If you can make one of your stops along the way be here, I can't tell you what it would mean to us. This is the most important thing we do during the year, to help our community, thousands of people in need. We can't do it without you.

Items we need to focus on today are things as simple as home cleaning supplies, kids clothing from newborn through elementary school, and arts and crafts items.

Think about that list for a minute. Cleaning supplies. When was the last time you bought a cleaning supply for yourself and got excited about it? The people we are helping will be overjoyed to be able to clean their kitchen or bathroom. It's $3-5 they didn't have to budget for.

How many times have you seen a t-shirt your kid would love and just grabbed it without even thinking? Now imagine the kid who gets a shirt with a tag on it from the store and cries because they finally have a new piece of clothing?

Today is the day we start our huge run. We can't do it without you. 3424 S. Western St. in the Mayco Plaza. Please take just a minute to come see us and help our beautiful community.

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