Here we go friends, were coming up on October and this happens to be my favorite month and holiday of the year! I love Halloween. Time to bring out my crazy costumes, play some Halloween songs, watch some  of my favorite scary movies, and most of all get ready to scare and prank a bunch of people!

This year I would like to do something new. I am looking for the panhandle's scariest place. It could be a church, warehouse, abandoned building or school anything that has some ghost activities or history behind it.

On October 31st Halloween night I would like to take the show on the road and do the "Hacker's Haunted Broadcast" from the SCARIEST place in West Texas. I will do the show live from there and also stream it live on web-cam for your eyes to see. I am so ready for this challenge, but I need your help?

Send me your Scariest place idea,it could be anywhere in West Texas and I will make the call to get confirmation for the "Hacker's Haunted Broadcast" to be done from that location! So please send me your idea along with any contact information. Get ready for the month of October which I consider the Hacker's Hallopalooza!