Recently, we all saw the news that Amarillo property owners must mow their grass or face the consequences of a fine and an administration fee.  However, I guess the same rules don't apply to the city?

I took a poll in my recent blog about this whole situation, because to me, it looks like just another way to make a buck off of citizens.


And the end result is as follows.


So the majority of people agreed with me, that this is all a plot to make another buck off you.

As I previously stated in my initial blog about this, we've always had to mow our grass or else face a fine.  The fine is really just a bill.  If you don't mow your grass, they'll mow it for you, and bill you for it.  What has changed is that now you have an administrative free that's added on top of it!

Well, I guess either the city of Amarillo is so busy mowing other people's lawns that they are missing the boat on their own house keeping, or the rules simply to not apply to them.

In the picture below is CITY PROPERTY!


Notice anything strange about it?  Allow me to give you a closer look, with a comparison.


My shoe measures just under 12 inches long and according to Amarillo, uncultivated vegetation can not exceed 8 inches in height.  That's grass, weeds, anything that's not a planted plant, like roses or other flowers.

Well as you can plainly see, they are not tending to their own property as they are dictating us to do!  What's up with that?

Who else thinks this is the most unfair thing Amarillo has done in 2012?


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